UW School of Education Qualitative Methods Resources

Welcome to the UW School of Education Qualitative Methods Resources

Qualitative Research Methods & Methodology are interpretive tools to understand questions of process and to describe lived experience. Originally developed in disciplines ranging from anthropology, sociology, folklore, and psychology, qualitative methodology in Education has evolved since the 1970’s in theory, practice and method. In contrast to methods used to infer causal relations, qualitative methods provide insight into questions of how and why. They help us understand the meanings held by actors and the nature of processes transacted between inputs and outputs.

Qualitative research methods are taught in departments across the School of Education, representing diverse faculty expertise and interests. In addition, the campus has a variety of qualitative methods courses outside the School of Education that complement our offerings. Courses include an introductory survey, field methods courses, case study, discourse analysis, narrative, life history, and grounded theory. Faculty have developed a doctoral minor in Qualitative Methods in Education that is jointly administered across departments.